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Gain access to a community of dedicated anglers and great people.

Gain access to knowledgeable speakers.

Gain access to incredible outings to some of the best fishing.

Gain access to new fishing partners.

Gain access to compeditive fishing contests

Gain access to the vast knowledge base of our members. 

Become a better angler, and help others do the same.

Membership Application

Please print, fill out, and mail the form  or bring it to the next meeting!   

Rock Valley Anglers      

Stu Sondgeroth

366 Rolling Hills Lane

Freeport, IL 61032


To activate your membership either send payment to the address above or pay at a meeting.  Make Payment to the

“Rock Valley Anglers Club of Illinois”       Annual dues   $45.00 year


Please print  * Essential !

Name *



Phone * ______ – ______ – __________


Street Address  ___________________________________


City _______________________________


State ____________________     Zip   ________________


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