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Rocktown Adventures - River Bassin' Tournament Trail

Rocktown Adventures is happy to announce we will be a host site for a Regional Event on the River Bassin’ Tournament Trail on July 11. Sponsored byJackson Kayak, Orion Coolers, Go Pro, and Bending Branches, the River Bassin Trail is an affordable National Tournament Trail for river bass fishing anglers of all types.

Over the course of the nationwide 45 event season, $180,000 in cash and prizes will be awarded. So look for other tournaments to enter for those more serious tournament anglers. There will be Individual, Youth (under 18), and Team divisions to compete in, so bring your little angler out to experience the fun of kayak fishing. Sign up for the July 11 event and compete for cash as well as merchandise such as kayak accessories, kayak apparel, fishing equipment and more! Don’t have a kayak but would like to participate? Rocktown Adventures has premium fishing kayaks from Jackson Kayak, NuCanoe, and Wilderness Systems available for rent at a discounted daily rate of $40. Tournament entry fees are as follows:

  • Adult Team:  $160 , which also includes entery into Individual competition
  • Adult and Youth Team: $110
  • Individual: $50
  • Individual Youth: $30

Each Regional Stop will have a kayak raffle…….so there is a Jackson Kayak Cuda 12 that’s going home with someone at our River Bassin Event! Each registered angler will receive 3 tickets for a chance to win. Proceeds for the raffle benefit Paddle4Tomorrow, an all volunteer organization with a mission to get people out on the water and to know and care for their watershed. Additional tickets (and increased chances to win!) can be purchased by making a $10 tax deductible donation to Paddle4Tomorrow. There will be a “second chance” raffle as well, so other opportunities to win something with your raffle tickets.

The set up is pretty straight forward for this catch, photo, and release human powered fishing tournament. There is a pre-defined area eligible to be fished, depicted in the image to the left. The morning of the event, you simply fish any river or creek within the map boundaries. Upon catching a fish, you put the unique tournament identifier provided you in the photo, and using a Hawg Trough or other approved measuring device, snap a photo with your smartphone or camera and release the fish. Next, using the revolutionary live leaderboard, you submit the photo of your catch.  By 3:30pm you must return back to Rocktown Adventures Aurora in order to be eligible for prizes. If you have any questions on eligible locations please contact Rocktown Adventures Aurora.

The Individual, Team, and Youth with the longest virtual fish stringer will win each division. Here is a breakdown of  the division prizes. Door prizes and other giveaways will be on hand as well:

  • Team: $1000
  • Individual: $500
  • Youth: $100
  • Biggest Fish:  NRS Tailwater Tackle Bag

There will be an after-party/awards ceremony following the event at Ballydolyle  Irish Pub with a $15 fee to cover food. Cash bar will be available……heck depending on your day it may be necessary! Once all the photos are in and the results are “official”, winners will be awarded prizes right there on the spot. While you do not need to attend the after-party in order to receive any prize you earned, the kayak raffle and second chance raffle will take place at the after party.

You can find information on tournament rules and registration by visiting For any other information on the event or to register and pay for the after party, please call Rocktown Adventures Aurora at 630-506-5706. Gear Up Head Out!